Theo Le Sourd

Theo Le Sourd is a French film director and photographer who grew up between Paris and New York. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 2018, Theo developed a creative duo named "Les Mauvais Garçons" with his long-time partner aimed at telling stories using different mediums. In the past year, Theo worked with the director Sophie Caretta in the new creative direction, direction, and editing of the 2019 Victoria's Secret Holiday Campaign. Recently, Theo finished writing his first feature film and is now developing a new low-budget feature.


During his free time, Theo enjoys pursuing his longtime passion for playing piano and baking French pastries.

Charles Letessier

Charles Letessier is a creative director and photographer with a passion for music and film and a head for business. Charles has worked with prestigious companies in the industry including Pathé Production, X-Track Music in Paris where he managed, produced and recruited talent for key projects and Celluloid Dreams where he was a sales and marketing associate. Recently, Charles wrote and produced Hold Your Breath, a short film that won “Best Film” at the 29th Dusty’s Film and Animation Awards.


Charles enjoys Federico Fellini films, Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of Good Design, fine French pastries and the soft echo as he walks through a quiet museum.